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Meet the Owners

Futzy Farm Bird & Barn is owned and operated by Gretchen & Steve Munafo, animal and nature lovers with a passion for raising chickens and supporting the animal community. All of their kids have paws, feathers, fur or hooves!

Gretchen Munafo "The Crazy Chicken Lady"

Gretchen Munafo is a seasoned professional in the poultry industry, boasting an impressive 14 years of experience! In March 2024, she took her passion to new heights by opening Futzy Farm Bird & Barn.


With extensive knowledge and firsthand experience in raising chickens and educating others, Gretchen has become a prominent figure in the industry. Her expertise was showcased on the PetAbility Podcast in Season 2, Episode 12, titled "How to Pick Up Chicks & Other Chicken Tips", which aired on June 15, 2021. Gretchen's influence extends to mainstream media, as she was featured in the Boston Globe Magazine in an article titled "Farmhouse Style." Beyond these accomplishments, she actively contributes to the 4H community, serving as a poultry judge and lecturer, enriching the experiences of aspiring poultry enthusiasts. Notably, Gretchen's dedication transcends the professional realm, as she has personally rescued, rehabilitated, consulted, and helped over 1000 chickens. With the opening of Futzy Farm Bird & Barn, Gretchen continues to be a driving force in the poultry industry, blending her wealth of experience with a profound passion for the well-being and education of birds.

Gretchen "The Chicken Lady" Munafo

Steve "The Builder" Munafo

Steve Munafo, the husband of Gretchen, is a highly skilled licensed contractor with an impressive tenure spanning over 30 years. Beyond the realm of construction, Steve is an accomplished nature photographer, showcasing a profound appreciation for wildlife, particularly wild birds and bears. His talent reached international recognition when three of his captivating Alaskan Brown bear photos were purchased by the BBC, subsequently being featured in a press release for the documentary film "The Great Bear Stakeout." Steve's keen eye for capturing the beauty of nature extends to the delicate world of butterflies, as one of his Monarch Butterfly pictures found its way into the pages of American Butterfly Magazine. Steve Munafo's dual expertise in construction and nature photography reflects a harmonious blend of practical skill and artistic vision, making him a versatile and celebrated individual in both professional and creative spheres.

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